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Pet sitters/Dog walkers

We are interviewing the professional pet care providers in the Ashland area to find who is the best in the area.
Our suggestions to finding the right pet sitter for you, is to ask some very important questions in the interview. For instance make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured. Find out what training they have had to ensure the safety of your pets. The organization is a great place that teaches and trains people in the pet industry from all over. And don’t forget to check references and YELP reviews.

Why We don’t carry products imported from China

It was a long thought out decision but my goal here is to help animals, not carry products that could hurt them or any animal being hurt in the process of making it, and I don’t want to support any country that mistreats them. As a Holistic Pet supply store our job is to be aligned with the natural health and well being of all animals whether they live here or somewhere else.

Since the pet industry doesn’t have the same regulation as products for people, anything can happen. For instance, in 2007 there was a recall for products made in China with chicken, duck and sweet potato. They were found to be making over 5,200 pets and some people sick, causing 1,140 pet deaths. The shocking part was that these products claimed to have one to just a few ingredients. Upon a FDA testing in 2015 they detected antibiotic/antivial, pesticides and radioactivity residues just to name a few of a long list of ingredients that are found to be harmful. These chemicals had Fanconi like symptoms which shut down the kidneys.

Transparency in product labeling is key to keeping our animals safe and healthy. Since the food was causing problems we decided to not carry any products from China. Due to lack of regulation you can’t be sure what is actually in the products coming from China. They also require by law all skin care and cosmetics be tested on animals. Besides how products are made there is an annual Dog meat festival in Yulin, China, which I won’t go into the details of what happens to these dogs, many of whom have been found to be stolen, because it is too horrible to mention.

This goes for any products we carry in the store. I make sure that there are no harmful ingredients and all animals were humanely raised. You can simply relax and shop.

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